Announcement of Hiatus

A mini note to all,

I’ve noticed that try as I might I cannot keep up with my desires to draw and my beautiful children all at the same time. After much pondering….I’ve decided to work on my art as more of a hobby rather than as a profession. For the moment. I can’t say I fully want to close my Etsy store but after weighing the outcomes, seeing their isn’t much of anything listed on there to begin and my lack thereof any new merchandise…. I will be closing up shop for the awhile. I can’t list a date I’ll be reopening just yet but am sure to post when that month will be very soon. As for anything I post through my social media’s – it will be sporadic and far in-between so with that in mind.

Thank you very much for your continued support,

Keep shining bright chickies!




Tools of Trade

Pretty straight to the point, what I use to create my artwork ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡

Digital Illustration


  • Camtasia Studio 8
  • OpenCanvas 6
  • Intuos Pen & Touch Tablet Medium


I often sketch my illustrations before hand, then add the line art followed  by the colors, shading, lighting and the such. A long process that can often take hours if not days to complete. ʕ •̀ ω •́ ʔ

Traditional Illustration


  • Sakura Pens
  • Poppin’ Pens & Highlighters
  • Pentallic Travelers Sketch Book
  • Regular Sketch Book
  • Favorite Mechanical Pencil


Often enough I have half completed sketches I can never get the time to finish, thus the lag in productivity and refusal to move past that one sketch. Its a wonderful progress in the works.

This 2015 Title

I never would have imagined I would start this year with a blog post….in all honesty I imagined myself with my family a few hours away, up late, tired and in desperate need of some bubble tea and quite. Yet here I am, plopped comfortably atop my fluffy pillow as lilpup snoozes quietly on our bed.

So much and so little went on this year that I am both utterly stricken and amused with how horrible my time management & schedule planning went and then how close I grew with my family over anime, I became more independent as well as me just growing more comfortably into me. I know this sounds weird but it’s true…..I feel more under my skin and myself now than I have in the past 2 years….it astounds and slightly frightens me. But hey, life will do that to you. Continue reading

Happy Mothers Day!!

I just wanted to wish every mother out their, young and old, a happy filled mothers day. For today is your day of recognition for everything you do. From the small feats of remembering those tidy bits of facts your teenager spouts to those humongous tasks of juggling everyone’s schedule and keeping your home as clean as it can be in heck-tick chaos. Continue reading