Adaywithlu Update: 2017

Hello you guys,

Time has sure flown and with it I believe I’ve matured and grown a bit. I’ve often self reflected about why I want to draw and how I go about it. Sadly, I’ve been doing it for all the wrong reasons this past year. Here is why.


Over time I would slowly become…I wouldn’t say obsessed but pretty close to it…when it came to my sucess as an artist with an etsy shop recently opened. The more sucess I would see in other shops the more frustrated I would become at not being able to keep up with my drafts, lineart, coloring and completed artwork. As said shops would pour out new items and the such. When I would be done – I was never happy with the result. Never. I would tinker, redo things and basically start over which created a negative cycle that had no end until I started knitting.

Knitting calmed me down. It opened my eyes to being patient because time flies by while you tidously work on the same task over and over. Before long I’ve learned to settled down and become focused on what truly mattered.

My family. With everything that has happened I became even more hands on with their homework, with teaching them how to be responsible little adults while making sure I enjoyed my time with my hubby.

After so many months of inactivity I’ve finally started to carve out some time for my art. And will I continue to make time as long as I’m able to –  which makes me so happy now.

For the next couple of months I ask for your patience as I continue to work on my etsy shop, post monthly blogs here about any news or updates to adaywithlu, as well as monthly blogs to my new site. where I genuinely wish to share what it is to be a step mother to two beautiful children and how I’ve applied all the advise I’ve obtained to their growth and development.

On a side note I would also like to mention any and all blog posts after January 28th that where unrelated to AdaywithLu will be exported onto to make certain my theme is straightforward as possible.

Thank you for reading

See you lovelies soon, Signature.png


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