This 2015 Title

I never would have imagined I would start this year with a blog post….in all honesty I imagined myself with my family a few hours away, up late, tired and in desperate need of some bubble tea and quite. Yet here I am, plopped comfortably atop my fluffy pillow as lilpup snoozes quietly on our bed.

So much and so little went on this year that I am both utterly stricken and amused with how horrible my time management & schedule planning went and then how close I grew with my family over anime, I became more independent as well as me just growing more comfortably into me. I know this sounds weird but it’s true…..I feel more under my skin and myself now than I have in the past 2 years….it astounds and slightly frightens me. But hey, life will do that to you.

This year has come to a gradual close and even through all the ups and ugly downs I’m happy I experienced them.

Not to say the least that I don’t plan something big this upcoming year. I have many ambitions (some really big ones) but I’ll keep them to myself for the time being to help motivate me and lessen any pressure I may induce upon myself mysteriously, which happens….a lot, sadly. I posted some of my overall end of 2015 goals on the side bar to help motivate me further and remind me….I have no one to disappoint but myself [insert sarcastic laughter].

I hope you all spend this new years with loved ones, having fun or just relaxing in your own comfort.

Say Chiao, lulumorina~


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