Happy Mothers Day!!

I just wanted to wish every mother out their, young and old, a happy filled mothers day. For today is your day of recognition for everything you do. From the small feats of remembering those tidy bits of facts your teenager spouts to those humongous tasks of juggling everyone’s schedule and keeping your home as clean as it can be in heck-tick chaos.

I would also like to give my heartfelt love and gratitude to my beloved Mommy who has been here by my side through better and worse, even when I felt as if I had grown far to old for her to be there. She often scolds me, no surprise, but is always encouraging me to strive for the best in life and can often be seen as my older sister teasing me. My deepest love for the single other of 6, including me! And grandmother of one brilliantly attentive grandson. May many more mothers day come to pass ~ ♥


Chiao, lulumorina & tadpole


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