Short Lovely Con

For the 5th year in a row I have attended AnimeDetour and as always, I LOVED IT!!

I acquired a King Kazma poster, by the lovely Chan Chau, only I wasn’t able to buy it as a horizontal print since my buyers caution immediately butted in on my decision making…..the regret from the hesitation is STABBING my fangirl heart!! Either way, I am pleased with my poster ~! So loving it!!

Would have bought more posters but…..I’m broke and going over budget would have lead to my immediate death upon arriving home > 3 < Either way I was scolded *Laughs wearily*

Moving along, I loved seeing all these cosplays!! Sadly I have lost touch with my inner photoshoot taking self but ahh well, maybe next year!! On a brighter side I cosplayed today for THE VERY FIRST TIME!! When I’ve come out of the box as an artist, meaning you guys know how I look, then I’ll probably tell you who I was xD I was surprised to see not very many people knew about the anime I was cosplaying from but it’s new so that may be why ^^;;

*Sights contently*

Now that my artists soul has been satisfied back to the lineart I have successfully shunned from my mind (so sorry!!) I have got to get better at keeping a neat schedule 😡

Chiao, lulumorina ~


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